Your Guide to Gym Mirrors

a home gym with mirrors on the wall


Did you know that using the mirrors in a gym can help improve your workout? It’s okay if you didn’t, most people don’t consider the benefits that mirrors offer to you at the gym. But fitness safety and aesthetics are two of the main advantages of having them. And the positioning of the mirrors around the gym can make all the difference. Read on to find out why gym mirrors matter in this guide.



To reduce injury while lifting weights, you should have a clear view of the position of your entire body and how you’re handling the weights. This is also true for stretching, as you should be able to see exactly what your body is doing during each pose to ensure you are doing it correctly to avoid injury.



Many gyms don’t feel spacious because of all the bulky equipment inside. Mirrors can help to create an illusion of space by opening up the room. Plus, if the gym has natural light coming through, adding a mirror can distribute and reflect the light throughout the room, creating a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, you can easily improve the look and feel of the gym by adding decorative and stylish mirrors. There are also new innovative mirrors on the market that have built in TV screens, as well as workout machines with built in mirrors that can help take your gym experience to the next level.



Mirrors can be placed in different areas around the gym for different uses. For instance, to enhance the lighting in the room, position a mirror opposite to a window. For a fitness room that focuses on classes and floor workouts consider a full-length mirror. For the machine and weights area try a mirror that starts at 50cm from the floor. You won’t need a full-length mirror in this case, as much of the floor will be used for the equipment.

No matter what the area, you should always consider the activities that people will be doing there and adjust the mirrors to the height that best suits the needs of the clients. And always ensure the mirror is properly installed so that it won’t fall and break, potentially causing harm to others.

A good gym needs mirrors to help clients obtain the best workout experience possible. To find gym-suitable mirrors reach out to your local Ottawa glass specialist today.



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