Minimizing Heat Loss

Minimizing Heat Loss

Your windows play a key role in maintaining the consistency of indoor air temperature. They work to keep the warm air inside of your home and the chilly cold air outdoors where it belongs. But if you don’t have adequate insulation due to weak or worn window materials, you can experience uncomfortable temperatures and a surge in energy costs. If you’re searching for advice on how to start minimizing heat loss and energy costs in your home, here are 6 simple ways that will help you improve your insulation and keep the warm air inside this winter.

Replace Caulking And Weather Stripping

The majority of heat loss in your home occurs from cracked caulking and worn weather stripping. Once these materials are damaged, your windows start to leak out the warm air, costing you money as you attempt to maintain a comfortable temperature. By checking your windows regularly and sealing any worn caulking or weather stripping immediately with new materials, you can start minimizing heat loss from your home instantly.

Install Storm Windows

An affordable way to add an extra layer of insulation to your windows is by installing storm windows. This popular solution helps to improve the thermal resistance of your windows, keeping the warm air in and the frigid air out.

Improve Glass Materials

One pane of glass won’t get you the heat protection you need in the winter. For harsh Canadian winters, it’s recommended that all windows be replaced with at least double glazed. And for ultimate energy efficiency performance, you should consider installing triple pane windows. These type of windows have two chambers filled with argon or krypton gas that creates a much higher energy efficiency rating and more insulation. So when temperatures dip well below zero, you can sit close to the window and not feel so cold – a big advantage when it comes to comfort during the winter time.

Keep Curtains Closed

Having exposed windows is the fastest way to lose heat in your home. Your curtains should be closed whenever you have your heat on, especially at night. By leaving your blinds open, the heat can escape easily through the unprotected glass, costing you money and energy in unnecessary heating bills.

Purchase Thick Curtains

Simply by adding thicker, well-fitted curtains you can help reduce heat loss from occurring through your windows. The goal is to block any of the warm air from getting behind the curtains. Your curtains need to be snug on both sides of the window and go further than the window ledge to keep the air from escaping towards the glass. Curtains that have a solid barrier above the curtain rail and go all the way to the floor are best at trapping the heat and providing your family with optimal comfort.

Buy New Windows

If you’ve been experiencing an increase in your monthly energy bills, it may be time to consider replacing your windows. Just by adding modern energy efficient materials with an extra layer of insulation you can easily save hundreds of dollars and even possibly thousands off your utility bills each year.

Don’t let poor window insulation force you to dig deep into your pockets. Now is the perfect time to find ways for minimizing heat loss and improving your home’s insulation. If you need help solving your window inefficiencies, talk to us at M&T Glass. We are the glass and window experts you can rely on!



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