Why We Love Ostaco ThermaTru Doors

Why We Love Ostaco ThermaTru Doors

If you’re in need of an entry door replacement, Ostaco ThermaTru doors is a great option to consider. With Ostaco doors, you get countless options – including style, size configuration, glass treatment and finish – to choose from to customize your front door to suit your home and style. But beyond the design features, there are so many reasons to love Ostaco ThermaTru Door designs.

Here are some benefits and features that will make it a perfect addition to your home.


Durability & Low Maintenance

Ostaco doors are made from vinyl material. Vinyl is hardy and stands firm against wear and tear. That means this window system is very durable, which is crucial for front doors that must endure the full onslaught of the weather elements.

Additionally, since vinyl is resilient and durable it requires little maintenance and upkeep.


Strengthen & Protection From Air Leaks & Water

These doors include welded frames and sash corners, which creates a strong tight seal. This ensures that no air or water can seep into or through your door to impact your internal temperature or cause rot to the door structure.


High R-Value & Energy Savings

Ostaco door designs also come with a high R-Value rating. The R-value is a measurement of thermal efficiency and the higher the value, the greater the insulating properties of the door are. With a high insulating value, that means you can regulate and maintain internal temperatures easily without having to rely so heavily on your heating or air conditioner.  Plus, multiple weather-strips and gaskets are used in the design to minimize and eliminate drafts. These can also be repaired if necessary.

This helps out the environment while saving you money in the long run on those monthly energy bills.


Security For Your Home

Heavy duty casement lock and operator features are also incorporated into Ostaco designs. Combined with the durability and strength of these doors, this can allow you to feel safe and sound at home.


CSA Certified

These doors are also CSA Certified. The CSA program was developed between the Canadian Window & Door Association and the government to ensure the product you buy is adequate to manufacturing and performance lab-testing standard. So you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product.

When you’re ready for a quality front door design, Ostaco ThermaTru can deliver. For all of your door and window related needs, contact us at M&T Glass. We’re here to help!



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