Keep Your Glass Clean from Sticky-Fingered Children

girl with sticky fingers

Kids seem to love touching glass surfaces, and keeping the glass areas around your home crystal clear can be a major challenge. If you’re sick of finding smudges and dirt on your mirrors from your children, read on. We provide some simple solutions on how you can get the perfect shine even after your glass has become the victim of your children’s sticky hands.

Block off and Cover Areas

The rule of thumb is that whatever they can reach, they will touch. Your patio doors, full-length mirrors, glass tables, and even your windows can become the victims of sticky-fingered children and smudges. If you can’t block off an area or cover the glass, you will need to try some other cleaning methods below.

Glass Cleaners

Glass cleaner is the perfect solution for all types of dirt and smudges. But many contain harmful chemicals such ammonia. Products with ammonia may eat at the silver backing that exists behind mirrors, creating black splotches. Instead try using an ammonia-free product like M&T Glass cleaner, intended for streak-free glass cleaning.  It is designed by the experts in the glass industry to effectively cut through dirt, smudges, and grime. Our glass cleaner is gentle on your senses and safer for your children.

Soft Cloth

Don’t forget use a soft absorbent cloth for cleaning the surfaces. Especially after you take a shower, you will be surprised at what how many fingerprints show up there when the steam hits. Remember to avoid using paper towels as it can leave bits of it behind and make your windows look streaky. Also, no abrasives should ever be used on your glass, as they will scratch and damage the surfaces.

Clean in the Shade

When you’re a busy parent, cleaning needs to be quick and effective. To avoid having to clean your glass surfaces more than once, do not clean your glass surfaces in direct sunlight. Believe it or not, the sun can dry the glass too quickly, leaving behind more streaks for you to address.

The best way to get rid of the dirty finger marks is to use a quality glass cleaner product like M&T Glass Cleaner. A single container usually last customers for more than a year of cleaning throughout the home. Whether it’s your windows, patio doors, glass tables, mirrors, or even the car windshield, use an effective ammonia-free, streak-free window product to keep your surfaces clean and smudge-free.



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