Important Mirror Care Tips

Important Mirror Care Tips

Mirrors are used for a variety of day-to-day activities like personal grooming, driving, decorating, and in architecture. They have become an important part of our lives, providing additional safety, improved aesthetics in our home, and allowing us to see ourselves clearly. Without them, life just wouldn’t be quite the same – which is all the more reason to take proper care of them. And with some simple maintenance steps, you can ensure your mirrors lasts for years, even decades. For the best in care, follow these important mirror care tips.

Use A Microfiber Cloth

Never use old rags or paper towel, which can scratch the glass and leave annoying lint behind on the surface. Instead, clean your mirror with clean, warm water and a microfiber towel. An approved glass cleaner like Windex can be used but should only be applied as outlined in the instructions.

Keep Moisture Away

If you use a humidifier in your home, keep it away from your mirror. The moisture can stain the mirror’s surface and attack the backing. While it can’t be avoided in the bathroom, just remember to use a towel to dry the mirror after you shower to prevent the moisture from causing any issues with the frame.

Avoid Ammonia And Bleach

It may make sense to give your mirror a wipe with the cleaner you’re using on the rest of your surfaces. However, heavy-duty cleaners like bleach can cause extensive damage to not only the mirror surface but also the edges and backing.

Inspect The Surface Regularly

Give the mirror a good look over every month and check for any scratches or cracked areas. If you spot any signs of damage or areas of potential concern, call a window repair company to come inspect and make any repairs before it worsens and gets more expensive to fix.

Install Away From Doors

Door handles can cause significant damage to your mirror if contact occurs. Make sure you measure properly when installing your mirror to ensure it’s not in range of any of your doors.

Don’t Store Outside

Mirrors should never be stored outdoors or in unheated storage or garage areas. Moisture is likely but so is expansion and contraction that can cause the mirror to break. Instead, wrap your mirror and store in a well-ventilated and cool area indoors that is safe from any hazards.

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