The Importance of 24-Hour Emergency Repair Service

a broken window with shattered glass in need of repair

For Business Owners

Here’s a scenario for you. It’s 3 AM and your phone rings. It’s the security company you have watching your store overnight. The glass to your storefront has been shattered and all of your worst nightmares as a business owner flash before your eyes.

Are you going to be able to go back to sleep knowing that all of your precious merchandise is available for anyone and everyone to take as they please? Absolutely not, you are going to race over to your store as fast as you can and on the way you will be calling every glass repair company you can think of to come and repair your window and essentially keep your business alive.

It’s important that you know of a glass repair company that offers 24-hour emergency service to protect you in situations like this. Perhaps it’s safest to keep M & T on speed dial in case disaster strikes at 3 AM. Imagine this: when customers start lining up in the morning, they will see nothing but a pristine new storefront window.

Not a Business Owner?

Not everyone has the fear of their business being broken into or having a car drive through their glass storefront in the middle of the night. Most people, in fact, only need to worry about the safety of their own home when they go to sleep at night. Imagine it’s an incredibly windy night and that tree branch you have been meaning to cut back unexpectedly smashes through your bedroom window. Suddenly it’s incredibly important for you to spring to life and begin cleaning up the mess and try to prevent more damage.

Your middle-of-the-night self might be concerned with the safety of your children, your pets and other loved ones but you should also be thinking about how to quickly fix this broken window. A quick call to M & T Glass and you will be set at ease as someone from the 24-hour emergency service team will be able to help you.

Window glass is beautiful to have around the house and at work, and without it life in general would be mighty dark and dreary. Since we should not have to minimize the number of windows we have in our lives, we should at least be prepared to handle a disaster no matter what time of day disaster decides to strike. 24-hour emergency service could be the life saver you need one day. Put our emergency service line (613-745-7158) in your phone so you are always prepared no matter when disaster strikes.



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