How to Tell if Your Old Window Needs to Be Replaced, Not Repaired

How to Tell if Your Old Window Needs to Be Replaced, Not Repaired

Have a window problem but not sure if you should attempt to repair it or call an expert to replace it? We always recommend having a glass repair specialist come to take a look before you attempt to fix anything on your own. Some small issues can quickly fester into larger ones, costing you more money than if you had a professional attend to it in the first place. So if you suspect that yours may need to be fixed, check this list first to see if your old windows need to be replaced, not repaired, and then give us a call!

Deformed Glass

When the glass looks wobbly or deformed, it’s a sign that your window needs to be replaced, not repaired.  If you notice any change in the glass shape or size, it’s time to contact a glass expert.

Deep Cracks and Chips

Even small chips or cracks can ruin your sealed units and glass. In the case of damage, a replacement is the only remedy. Otherwise, the small chip will eventually grow into a larger one and impact the performance of the window.

Broken Seal

If the weather-tight seal inside your double or triple pane window is broken, you’ll need to replace the window fully. By upgrading your windows with better-insulated materials, you can improve the efficiency level and save hundreds of dollars on monthly energy costs.

Failed Weatherstripping

Have your energy bills recently spiked without any change to your habits? It could be a sign that your insulation needs upgrading. When your caulking and weather stripping starts to fail, your furnace has to work overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you’ve replaced your caulking and weather stripping a number of times, but you continue to experience issues, it’s time to replace your windows.

It’s not easy determining if your windows need to be fully replaced and not just repaired. That’s why it’s important to contact an expert as soon as any of the above problems arise. Our team at M&T Glass will determine what work needs to be done and then have it finished as quickly as possible. We also offer our customers ‘repair while you wait’ service and reliable walk-in repair service right at our 1380 Cyrville Road, Ottawa location. Contact us today!



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