How to Organize Your Closet

How To Organize Your Closet

Having your mornings run nice and smoothly is essential in order to help your day and mood start off on the right foot. And one of the essential elements to making that happen is having a closet that you can open and find what you want and need fast. If your closet has been overtaken by clusters and piles of items tossed about so frequently that you don’t even know where to start, we’re here to help you. Simple things like adding custom shelving, custom sliding closet doors, and grouping similar items together, can really make all the difference.

Just remember that everyone’s style of organization will differ slightly depending on the space and size of the closet. But here are some points to help you organize your closet to make your wardrobe selection a breeze, each and every time.

Empty Your Closet

First things first – empty everything from your closet. Toss out the shoes, dresses, and accessories and try to keep them in separate piles if you can. You need to start by going through your items a de-junking the clutter that you no longer wear. That means the ill-fitting sweaters, your college sweatpants that haven’t fit in years, and the old and ugly items that you just don’t like. Be strict with yourself and place anything you no longer want into a bag for donation.

Assess Your Closet Layout and Storage

Once you’ve sorted through the chaos of the closet contents, keep them out of the closet. Now’s the time to assess the layout and storage capability of the closet. Is it functional and conducive to keeping things organized? Do you need some shelves for your shoes? Think about the ways in which your closet frustrates you the most when you have to sift through and find what you need. What can you do to make your life easier? Adding a customized unit, an extra wrack, or cute baskets for storing particular items like your scarves are excellent options to think about.

Group Similar Items Together

Once you’ve nailed down the interior layout and have created a better layout, start placing your items back in, grouping alike ones together – fancy dresses, work items and blazers, casual wear and so on.

Add Finishing Touches

To make your life even easier during the morning rush, think about some finishing touches that can be added and incorporated into the closet design. For example, if you find yourself scrambling and edging up on your tippy toes to try and assess your outfits each day, why not install custom sliding closet doors? You can enhance the look of your old and worn doors while having full-length mirrors to check yourself out without the struggle.

Maintaining an organized closet all comes down to making it easy to maintain while making your life a whole lot easier when you need to grab and go. Sort through your closet contents, add in functional storage units and consider extra convenient and stylish elements like custom sliding closet doors so you can assess your outfits and feel confident once you head out the door.



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