Here’s How to Pinpoint the Issue With Your Faulty Window

Here’s How to Pinpoint the Issue With Your Faulty Window

Got a window that won’t stay open? Or maybe you notice drafts coming from the frame? Whatever the problem is, it’s always helpful to know how to pinpoint the issue with your faulty window so you can determine whether it can be easily fixed, or if it requires professional reparation or an entire replacement. Here are some of the most common problems that could occur with a window and how you can identify them.

It Won’t Stay Open

When the window refuses to stay open, it usually highlights an issue with the existing hardware. For standard hung windows which open vertically, it’s usually the sash support system that causes this problem. You can find the sash on the sides of the window. Check how it operates or sticks when you go to open and close it. If it’s constantly falling when you try to keep it open, then you may need to replace it

There are Drafts Coming from the Window

Do you notice drafts when you’re near the window? This may seem harmless enough, but over time, those air leaks can really impact the temperature inside your home and the amount of electricity that’s necessary to keep it comfortable. You can pinpoint the issue with your faulty window and determine just how much air is passing through your closed window sill by placing an incense stick close to the frame. Run it along each area to see if the smoke noticeably begins to blow or shift direction. If this is the case for you, it could be a result of worn out weatherstripping. However, if your window is old and outdated, it could require a replacement.

The Latch Won’t Shut Properly

When the latch and lock on your window don’t shut properly, it could simply be a cause of wear and tear as well, or if it was used aggressively, it could be slightly bent and out of alignment. Either way, when the lock doesn’t work properly, it impacts your safety and security. So don’t ignore it. You can get this replaced at most specialized window stores and even online by ordering a new latch.

The Glass Keeps Fogging Up

Foggy, cloudy looking window panes are quite common during the wintertime. But this can also highlight a broken seal with the insulation of the glass unit. This can impact temperature fluctuations within your home, causing your heating system to work overtime. We recommend having a window expert inspect your windows to determine if the insulated unit needs to be replaced.

When you need any repairs or replacements for your windows, contact our experts at M&T Glass. We’ve been serving the Ottawa area for years delivering the best in workmanship and customer service.



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