Has All of This Rain Caused Window Leaks?

Has All of This Rain Caused Window Leaks?

With all of the rainy wet weather that’s been happening lately, it can take a toll on the structure of your home – including your windows. Experiencing an abundance of precipitation over a short span of time can cause gutters to overflow and leaks to form throughout your home. If you’re noticing some wet spots and are wondering if all of that rain may have caused some window leaks, follow these tips to determine if there is a leak and how you should address it.


Identifying a Window Leak

There are a variety of ways to determine if there is a problem with your windows, such as decay, cracks or an improper seal. Usually the most common problems tend to manifest in the form of leaks or drafts after or during a storm. Leaks can be identified by water stains around the window area. Use your hand to run along the entire window surround if stains aren’t visible so you can feel for dampness.


What Are Your Windows Leaking?

Before determining why your window is leaking, you first must pinpoint the source of where it’s coming from. For example, if the leak is occurring on the wall surrounding the window, then it would highlight a point of entry somewhere inside the wall, which could be stemming from the attic and roof. Alternatively, if the leak is occurring where the window sash meets the frame, this is more likely an issue with the window – either with the seal or even decay if the windows are old. Sometimes, it can even be a simple need for some new weather-stripping to provide a tighter seal.

Either way, having a professional window technician assess your windows is the best way to really determine the source of the problem and what the best course of action will be.


How to Fix Window Leaks?

Similar to the source of the leak, the solution can vary quite a bit, and of course, will depend on what the point of entry is. If you notice a clogged drainage channel, this could be forcing water back into your home. In this case, clearing it out can alleviate your problem. Or, if you notice moisture entering from the bottom of the window frame even when it’s closed, you can try applying new weather stripping to see if that does that job.


If you can’t identify the source, it could be a complicated repair that requires a professional technician to deal with. Contact M&T Glass if you notice that moisture is penetrating into your home. We can assess the problem immediately and perform any necessary repairs that might be required to avoid any extensive damage.



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