Glass & Mirrors: Adding Value to Your Home

a custom glass mirror boosting a homes value

Whether you are gearing up to sell your home for top dollar or you are wanting to make your home more lavish and luxurious for your own enjoyment, glass and mirrors are the answer. Here are some ways that adding glass and mirrors to your Ottawa home can increase the value and create your very own dream home:

Glass Shower Enclosure

Have you ever gone to a high-end hotel and noticed their showers are mostly all enclosed in glass? Having a tub and shower combination is functional and handy of course, but having a luxurious and spacious glass enclosed shower provides you with the spa-like feeling in the comfort of your own home. It’s incredibly attractive to look upon and it gives you a much more pleasurable shower experience.

Accent Mirror

Mirrors make a space look and feel larger than it might actually be. A gorgeous accent mirror placed properly in a front entrance or in a sitting room can make the light dance around the room and give the illusion of a more roomy space. Accent mirrors can also be extremely beautiful with detailed frames to compliment any décor.

A Bay Window

A bay window can be the highlight of any room. Having a ledge available for sitting or for picture display, the window can quickly become the centrepiece to the room and immediately draw the eyes towards it. Bay windows also look stunning from outside the house and give a house an elevated look of sophistication.

Custom Glass Top Coffee Table

Perhaps you do not wish to have clutter around your house, but you do wish to display pictures of your family and their accomplishments. A very tactful way to do this would be to have a custom glass top coffee table made. In some coffee table designs you can place pictures or objects behind the glass to be forever immortalized as part of the décor. A wonderful way to display anything near and dear to your heart without causing clutter around the house.

Glass Cabinets in the Kitchen

Having at least one section of your kitchen cupboards done with glass instead of wooden cabinets adds a certain something special to any kitchen. It gives the opportunity to display beautiful dishes or glassware and also adds a lighter and airier tone to the kitchen. Light will bounce off the glass and create a brighter area. Having a glass cabinet or two is a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

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