Our Glass Edgework for Tabletops

Our Glass Edgework for Tabletops

A glass tabletop can quickly become a focal point in any room. The beautiful transparent glass creates a lasting impression and adds style to a dull table. Glass can also be used to cover wooden tables or other delicate tables to give it more appeal and also a protective top. But are you aware that you can get professional edgework for your glass tabletops as well? At M&T Glass, we offer the most comprehensive styles that can take your glass to the next level. Here are the styles that we offer to transform your glass tabletops.

Flat Polish

If you’re looking for a classic edgework design, the Flat Polish is the perfect option. This type of edge can easily be applied to a variety of different shapes of glass between 3mm to 19mm in thickness. It can also be added to your favourite mirrors to match.

Pencil Polish

Seen frequently on round glass tabletops, is the pencil polish. This style gives the glass a rounded edge, creating a more finished and clean looking tabletop.

Bull Nose

Similar to the pencil polish, but with a more distinct circular edge, is the bullnose design. The soft edge provides more comfort and safety.


One of the most popular custom edgework designs is the bevel. There are plenty of options when it comes to this type of edgework. You can choose between a ½, ¾, 1, 1 ¼ , and 1 ½ inch width edge, making your oval or circular shaped table stand out.

45-degree Miter

If you want something a little shorter than the bevel design, you can try a 45-degree Miter. This provides a sharp yet attractive angular edge.

Triple Waterfall

When you want guests to notice your table, a triple waterfall edge will definitely impress. Turn your ½ inch glass square, rectangular or round glass table into a beautifully stunning triple edge.


A popular edge that provides an elegant look to any table is the O.G. With a curved S-shaped edge, this type of edgework creates an impressive and decorative finish.


This groove cut is one of the most unique styles on the market.  If you want to add depth and beauty to a plain glass piece, this is a great option for you.

To find out what sized glass is best for each design, contact us at M&T Glass today. Our experts are ready to provide you with the most stunning glass tabletop work possible.



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