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Are you sick of always finding streaks on your mirrors? No matter how delicately you wipe them down or how attentive you are, it’s hard to get that perfect shine – if you don’t know about M&T Glass Cleaner, that is!

The Problem with “The Blue Stuff”

You know what brand we’re talking about. The blue stuff – and most other glass cleaning products you can find in stores contain ammonia. Aside from the fact that it’s a hazardous chemical that has to be handled very carefully (keep any ammonia-based products far away from bleach or you’ll create a toxic gas), ammonia is quite harmful to mirrors.

Let’s explain: mirrors are made by coating thin layers of metal through a process called electroplating. Mirrors typically have a silver or aluminum layer to give that signature look, covering up a coating of copper. When ammonia is sprayed on a mirror, it can start to eat away at these thin coatings of metal, causing peeling of the silver layer on the backing of the mirror. This creates unsightly spots and patches, typically around the edges of the mirror. Ironically, this problem only gets worse with time – the more you clean, the deeper trouble you’re in!

The Solution: M&T Glass Cleaner

M&T Glass Cleaner is an ammonia-free formulation that can be used on any mirror, glass object, and most transparent surfaces. From mirrors to shower doors to patio doors to coffee tables to car windows, our glass cleaner effectively cleans and polishes with ease. Windows, mirrors, windshields – our glass cleaner can tackle it all.

It sprays on as a heavy-duty foam that clings to any vertical surface. It is fast acting and works right away to break down dust, dirt, and grime. With a quick wipe away, making it easier than ever to keep transparent surfaces clean in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, car, and all windows and doors. This formulation leaves no film behind, and its non-streaking formula means you get a sleek shine each and every time. Our glass cleaner has a fresh floral fragrance, which is a welcome change from that intense chemical smell of other glass cleaners.

Once you switch to M&T Glass Cleaner, you’ll discover a world of distance. We have customers who drive in from all over the province and even clients asking us to ship a few cans to other locations in North America – that’s how popular it is. A 19 oz. container typically last customers for about a year of cleaning throughout the home.

Visit us in store to pick up a can of M&T Glass Cleaner and discover why everyone is talking about it!



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