Fall Makeover: Update Your Closet

glass mirror doors in a luxurious bathroom

Whether it’s a business space or your bedroom, if each time you walk into a room and feel like something needs to change, yet you aren’t sure exactly what, take a look at your closet doors. For as often as they are used, and for the amount of space they occupy, closet doors are one of the main items in a room that can really make or break a design. If your closet doors are the default builder-grade, or if they are showing signs of wear and design fatigue, why not make it a priority this fall? Here are a few design ideas to spark your inspiration:


If you’re in search of that modern, cutting-edge look, then consider upgrading your closet doors to glass. Glass is the name of the game when it comes to achieving that contemporary style, so start to focus on designs that are simple, and straight edged. Tinted glass with a touch of hue, panelled glass with a broad dark frame, and tasteful sandblasted glass designs are all popular choices for that modern look.


Whether it’s a subtle rustic charm or a bold rustic statement, whatever the degree of design you’re after, it can be achieved through your closet doors. Large, wooden frames, barn-style hinges or a simple, sliding wood panel door that creates that authentic barn-style door – the options are endless.


Sharp, sleek, and cemented – the industrial design requires hard-edged, bold features, especially when it comes to doors. So if your closet doors are way too 1980s for the rest of your space, it’s time to think about iron frames and accents, metallic colours, and straight-edge cuts.


If your space is lacking a bit of colour, why not add a splash to your closet?  Whether it’s an accented colour or a particular stain that you prefer, you can search from a variety of styles and hues that will bring some fun, colour, and creativity back into the room.

Don’t limit your bedroom design with bleak and boring closet doors. If they’re bringing down the design and life of your space, it could mean it’s time to give them an upgrade. Figure out your style and don’t be shy about getting creative. Whether it’s contemporary and modern or rustic, industrial or colourful – we’ve got a selection that will suit any style for any space. So start by using these suggestions to figure how you can give your closet doors and surrounding space the perfect upgrade this fall.

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