Designing the Perfect Cozy Window Seat

Designing the Perfect Cozy Window Seat

Bay windows and a cozy seat go hand-in-hand. It not only provides a comfortable nook to curl up on during those rainy days, but it also enhances your interior décor. Plus, it’s the perfect multi-functional spot to add some extra storage space. Whether you’re eager to build a new window seat or are looking to personalize your current one, check out these design tips to create the perfect cozy window seat for your home.


Blend the Base With Nearby Cabinetry

If you have a bookshelf or cabinetry nearby the window, creating the base of the window bench seat to blend in with these adjacent designs is a great place to start. This makes the window seat appear as an extension of the design throughout your home, while still enabling you to add some unique flare once you get to the other features.


Make it Inviting

The key to any window seat is to make it a spot that your eyes are drawn to. For this, you have to make it an inviting space that summons you to relax with a good book in hand. Take time to consider the cushioning that will be place atop the bench. This is the most important aspect for really creating that cozy factor. This is also where you can get more creative with your design and add some flare. Just be mindful about your surrounding interior design so that it doesn’t clash.


Add Amenities

Who says you have to stop there? Window seating is meant to stand out, so don’t hold back. You can add some amenities around it, such as bookshelves installed along the neighbouring wall to emphasize your library space. Or, you can hang artwork, add a quaint side table to place down your cup of Joe, and throw plush fabrics and pillows for maximum comfort.


Highlight Your Storage

If your window seat comes with built-in storage, such as bookcases, turn these areas into a highlight feature as well. You can display all of your favourite books and other knick-knacks as you please.

Who doesn’t dream of having a cozy nook under the window for those glorious days dedicated to relaxation? If you’re lucky enough to have a window seat or the space to create one, you can transform your basic set up into the perfect, cozy space to retreat for some solace with these simple and effective designs that will enhance the comfort and style of any window seat.



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