How to Make a Small Room Appeal Larger

a small room in a fitness & spa business with two large mirror on the wall

With certain spaces throughout a home – whether it’s an entranceway, hallway, bathroom or living room – we always face the challenge of dealing with a tight spaces that can feel cramped and even uncomfortable. But the essential component is to optimize the amount of light and space by using mirrors. These are one of the main go-to décor items that designers use for this exact reason. If you’ve been feeling cramped and confined, here’s how mirrors are the best way to open up any space.

Mirrors in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are a common area that can be limited with space – especially the guest bathrooms. And there are certain items that, of course, are necessary in the bathroom that you simply can’t avoid having. So subtracting items really isn’t much of an option. But by applying light colours on the walls in conjunction with mirrors, you can enhance any natural light and create the illusion to eliminate that cramped feeling.

Mirrors in the Living Room

You can get really creative with mirrors and how you feature them on a wall. So if you have a feature wall in the living room, think about placing one large statement mirrors with a bold frame to add some design flair. Or you could add a variety of smaller ones to reflection and open up the room.

Mirrors in the Hallway

Hallways are a challenge for everyone. There’s no avoiding that narrow space, so we must learn to enhance what we have. Try placing a variety of smaller mirrors along the walls. This is always a designer’s trick for enhancing a narrow hallway.

Mirrors in the Gym

When a workout space feels cramped it can actually become a deterrent for even utilizing the space. If you’ve been in a professional gym, chances are you’ve noticed the plethora of mirrors that are placed all around. And no matter the size, the fact is that they really work at making a workout space appear much larger than it really is.

So if you’ve got a small workout room that appears cramped with big, bulky machines, follow suit with what the professionals do by placing floor-to-ceiling mirrors along an entire wall.

Mirrors are the number one tool and strategy that many designers use for optimizing a space and creating the open, airy feeling. And when it comes to any confined areas, every aspect counts. Use those walls by placing mirrors around to open up the space and make it more comfortable and inviting.



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