Create Your Own Personal Vanity Space

a white vanity against a white wall with a large mirror

It’s a dream for some to have their own space to do makeup, put on accessories, and have the mirror all to themselves. And you can make this dream a reality by creating your own personal vanity space. With a few tools and materials, you can put together a simple yet functional design to store all your supplies in one place. Here we provide some quick tips on how you can create your vanity space in as little as 1-2-3.

Locate the Perfect Space

You don’t need a particularly large space to create a vanity. You can use a space inside your bathroom or even a small corner of your bedroom to create your own personal area.

Add in Key Furniture

A small desk or table is required to create a proper vanity space. You’ll also need a comfortable seat to sit on so you can apply your makeup and accessorize in comfort. This can be an easy DIY project with refurbished items that you can makeover, or you can purchase a quaint set at a local hardware or department store. Just don’t forget to get a table with drawers, or glass shelves for easy storage.

Install a Mirror

When it comes to a vanity, the mirror is the most important part.  The bigger the better, so if you have the space, why not go for a full-length mirror so you can see your entire wardrobe all at once? And two is better than one – you can have a full-length and also a magnifying mirror to help you apply your makeup with ease.

Add Accessories

The best part of a vanity space is that you can have all your accessories and makeup in one spot. When you set it up, the vanity should be a hassle-free space, where you can find the accessory you want without clawing through your drawers. The more organized you set up the vanity, the easier it will be to keep items organized. Try using draw organizers, jewelry trees, and other helpful organizing items to keep your area tidy.

Getting ready and looking beautiful doesn’t have to be a chaotic production. Creating your own vanity space can help keep you organized while feeling like a queen. Shop around at your local furniture stores, department stores, and Ottawa glass suppliers today, to find everything you need to put together a beautiful vanity set that you can call your own.



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