Condensation On the Inside of Your Window? Here’s Why

condensation inside a window

If you’re noticing condensation on the inside of your glass panes, you may be wondering about the performance of your windows and whether it’s a cause for concern. Although this can sometimes indicate that it may be time for a window replacement, the reality is that during this time of year, in particular, “sweaty windows” can be quite common thanks to the excess humidity that’s present in the air. And regardless of the type of window you have, when the conditions are favourable, condensation can easily form temporarily and be handled by simply adjusting the moisture levels inside your home. To learn more about condensation on the inside of your window, keep reading.

What Causes Condensation To Form?

Condensation can be very common during this time of year since there’s more moisture lingering in the air. And, when the air warms up in your home and comes in contact with a cooler surface like the windowpanes, fog and water droplets will form on the surface. This can also happen during the winter when we experience those sudden cold spells and the temperature quickly drops.

Why Does Condensation Only Appear On the Windows?

Condensation will usually appear on your windows or even your sliding doors because they’re made from glass, which usually has the lowest temperature in comparison to other surfaces in your home (and is the thinnest surface).

How Can I Eliminate My Condensation Problem?

It can be a nuisance having your windows clouded with foggy condensation and obstructing your view of the outdoors. If your home has a high level of humidity, then we recommend using a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in your home. Some other common signs of excess humidity can include a musty smell, and mould or mildew spots forming on the walls or ceilings.

Should I Replace My Windows

Aside from lowering the humidity level inside your home, you may also want to consider replacing any single-paned windows with new double-paned ones instead. Double-paned models that are made with a low-e coating and argon gas filling can provide an airtight seal, which can significantly reduce the likelihood of condensation forming.

At M&T Glass, we are the go-to glass experts in the Ottawa area. If you’re concerned or frustrated by the condensation on the inside of your windows, reach out to us today. Our friendly, experienced team can discuss your options and help you determine if a window repair or replacement is the right option for you. Contact us today!



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