Why Changing Your Windows in the Winter is a Good Idea

Why Changing Your Windows in the Winter is a Good Idea

Many people believe that replacing their windows in the frigid weather is a bad idea. The truth is that this is only a misconception and there are plenty of advantages of replacing windows come wintertime. Replacing your windows in the winter will guarantee that you don’t go another minute with worn windows that can cost you so much in utilities. To find out more, read on as we explain why changing your windows in the winter is a good idea.

Easier To Schedule

Believe it or not, it’s much easier to schedule a contractor in the winter than any other time of year. Spring and summer are the busiest times for contractors, and if you don’t book well in advance, you may get put on a waiting list or have to wait weeks before they finish other projects first. In the winter, it’s less busy, so you have the opportunity to receive quicker service and get the installation dates you prefer.

Get Instant Energy Savings

Instead of going another season with air leaks that cost you money, getting your windows repaired in the wintertime will allow you to take advantage of the immediate returns. You will enjoy reduced energy costs and more overall comfort when you need it the most.

Prevent Damage

Damaged windows cause harm to your home. If you experience snowfall or heavy rains, your home will experience leaks and water damage that can cost you more money. Instead, fix them now in the winter, before it gets any worse.

Better Deals

Many businesses offer winter promotions to attract more buyers. That means you get to take advantage of all the cost savings like discounts on prices, cheaper material costs, and perks like one-year complimentary maintenance – deals that wouldn’t be readily available during the busier months.

Limited Heat Loss

Often people worry that it will be cold in their house during the installation, but you shouldn’t be concerned. With a more relaxed schedule, installers can start replacing one window at a time instead of all the windows at once. By simply placing a plastic sealant over the outside area they can remove the window with little to no heat loss. This ensures that you won’t lose any unnecessary energy from your home and the temperature will be just the way you like it.

Don’t miss out on reaping all the rewards of having brand new windows like reduced heating costs. Changing your windows this winter is a good idea that’s always worth investing in. Contact us at M&T Glass today to get started!



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