Autumn is the Ideal Time for Window Maintenance… Here’s Why

Autumn is the Ideal Time for Window Maintenance… Here’s Why

While you’re trying to prepare yourself mentally for the not-so-distant winter season, it’s important to get your home exterior prepped and ready as well. Autumn is the ideal time for window maintenance because you can take advantage of the moderate weather now before the snow and ice arrive. Not yet convinced? Here are a few good reasons to finish up any lingering tasks with your windows now.

Remove and Store Away Window Screens

If your windows or doors have screens, now is the time to remove them. This is especially necessary if there are any ledges in front of the windows which can collect snow and ice. As the winter elements accumulate and whip against the screens, it can cause them to bend and tear. You can eliminate that risk by removing them ahead of the first snowfall.

Check Windows for Drafts and Damage

While inside your home, take a few moments to check around your windows to identify any potential drafts, cracked panes or any other noticeable damage. Even minor cracks or a loose frame can allow the chilly winter air to get inside which can cool your entire home and force you to crank up the heat. To avoid dealing with an uncomfortable home and expensive monthly energy bills, light an incense stick and move it around the closed windows to detect any drafts. If you do notice any problems or minor damage, take advantage of the fall season to get them repaired now.

Apply Caulking or Weatherstripping to Windows

Caulking or weatherstripping can also be applied around the window frames to provide an extra tight seal. Even if you don’t detect any drafts, a layer of caulking can ensure your home stays nice and cozy this winter.

Remove Air Conditioning Unit

Once the leaves begin to change and the summer weather is well behind us, it’s a good time to remove any air conditioning units from the windows. Doing this well in advance of the winter is always recommended so you won’t get stuck having to deal with it after a surprise snowfall or dip in temperature.

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