Add a Little Luxury with a Custom Shower

a luxurious custom shower with glass walls

Growing up we likely remember having the standard tub/shower combo in our main bathrooms. It has only been in recent years that housing trends have begun including luxury spa-like bathrooms in even the most common houses. Bathrooms are now regarded as a place to retreat from the stresses of your day and are no longer simply a place to quickly get in and out of.

With new styles constantly emerging, it can be tough to be up to date with all of them. If you own your home but the house is an older style, you may not have the “luxury” feel that you know other bathrooms out there possess. The answer to this is simply to bring your bathroom into the modern world with a custom shower.

Master Bath Upgrade

Often seen in ensuite bathrooms is a stand alone shower. These can be pretty underwhelming and even have a slightly claustrophobic feel to it if the glass is frosted. Creating your own custom shower will allow you the freedom to design the shape, the size and the features that you have in your own private shower. The features can be designed to have massage jets that target different areas of your body, or have a waterfall shower head that gives you a calming sense of tranquility every time you stand under it. And the simple upgrade to full transparent glass will give you the feeling of a larger shower even if the surface area remains the same. The way natural sunlight bounces off the glass panels will make you feel like your entire bathroom is a spa, ready and waiting for your enjoyment.

Customize Your Shower Space

With large spaces to work with your custom shower could be a work of art. Imagine having two shower heads on either side of the shower stall so sharing the water stream with your partner is no longer a battle. Or imagine having a built in bench so you can sit and soak up a hot shower after a long day. Your custom shower can be whatever you want it to be, and whatever your space and budget allow for.

It can be easy to find happiness and peace within the comforts of your home, no matter how hectic the rest of the house may be! For those who have busy lives, who have small children, or just simply like to relax and feel pampered, then perhaps a custom shower is the upgrade your home has been waiting for!



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