7 Places for Tinted Windows (Other than Cars)

7 places for tinted windows other than cars

When you think of tinted windows, you most likely think of cars. But, believe it or not, they can be useful in many other locations, including your home. Here are a few other popular ways that tinted windows can be of use.

For Your Retail Business

When you own a business, it’s essential to protect your merchandise, especially if it involves valuable items that are a frequent target for theft. That’s where tinted windows can help. You can prevent any lingering eyes from scoping out your store or merchandise.

In Your Home

Tinted windows offer many benefits for your home beyond privacy. They can also be used to diffuse sunlight and heat from entering your home, which can reduce your monthly energy costs and create a more comfortable temperature for your entire family.

On the Garage

Sometimes it’s nice to let some natural light into your garage, but when you have expensive tools and valuables stored, it’s best not to reveal what’s inside. With tinted windows, you can get added privacy for your belongings in your garage without completely blocking out the light.

At the Fitness Centre

If you own a fitness facility, tinted windows can help to maintain a more comfortable environment for exercising. They can also provide the necessary amount privacy for your customers who would rather not be on display to the world as they work out.

In Hospitals

Hospitals are complex and vital facilities that have an ongoing need for climate control and temperature regulation. These windows can help to maintain a more comfortable internal temperature for patients while reducing some of the extensive costs on energy bills.

At Clinics

If you’re having a procedure performed, discretion is essential. No one likes to be watched while having their teeth cleaned or enduring an invasive treatment. Tinted windows are a perfect addition to any sort of clinic where discretion is necessary.

Throughout Commercial Buildings

Many large office and industrial buildings are now using tinted glass to improve their energy efficiency and add a unique design feature to the exterior. You can also find many offices also using this for their meeting room partitions and to separate office space.

When you’re ready to find the perfect tinted windows for your home or business, visit us at M&T Glass. We can produce windows of any size, shape, and design to suit your needs. Come see what we have to offer!



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