5 Upgrades to Give Your Master Bath That WOW Factor

a master bathroom with upgrades making it look fantastic

Your bathroom is one of the most used and noticed rooms in your home, and it can either make or break that “wow” factor within it. If you’ve started to notice that your bathroom is getting a bit rough around the edges, or simply feel it’s time for an upgrade, we hear you. Here are five great ideas that you can incorporate into your master bath that will be sure to give your home that additional “wow” factor you’ve been wishing for.


One of the first aspects that are always noticeable in your bathroom are the tiles – especially if they’re out of date or starting to crumble. Look for a few great styles of neutral ceramic tiles. Ceramic is great because they not only look good, but they can handle the humidity and moisture of the bathroom also. New, fresh tiles sometimes can make all the difference.

Fixtures and Sinks

If your tiles are in good condition and you’re simply looking to add that touch of luxury to your master bath, consider upgrading your fixtures and sinks. You can incorporate that contemporary flare with an elevated sink-bowl and modern faucets. Conversely, go for a statement showerhead or even a multi-shower head. Big and bold is the way to go.

The Toilet

More and more people are tossing away their old toilets for a new modern, eco-flush design. What better way to incorporate something new than by having design combined with an eco-friendly touch. They look great and will save you money.

Glass Shower Enclosure

If your shower is looking dated, consider installing a glass shower enclosure to give it that sharp, edgy look. Glass enclosures are increasingly popular as they exude that modern aesthetic. It can redefine your bathroom space and take it to a whole new level.


So simple, yet so significant when it comes to design – mirrors can transform a space. They can make what once seemed like a small enclosure, into something that appears bright, airy and even spacious.  With a variety of styles and frames you can play around to get just the right look you’re aiming for.

Upgrading your master bath doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are in the process of deciding what’s best for your upgrade, consider these key areas that can easily help you achieve that “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. Contact M & T Glass and let’s talk about how we can help!



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