4 Best Uses for Patterned Glass in Your Home

4 best uses for patterned glass in your home

In the past, patterned glass was a feature that was primarily used in businesses. But today, it’s becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, too. With a multitude of patterns, opacities, and colours to choose from, it can add more beauty to any area of your home. Since patterned glass offers visual interest, variability in light control, and different levels of opacity, it can work well just about anywhere. Here are a few best uses for patterned glass in your home.

Shower Enclosures

Create an impressive, eye-catching visual element in your bathroom by incorporating patterned glass into your shower enclosure. Bathrooms can often be confined and limited to the amount of natural light that filters inside, especially when you’re working with a smaller space. With a semi-opaque patterned glass shower enclosure, you can allow more light to reflect and distribute throughout the bathroom. This can help brighten the space and add enough privacy while creating a stunning and attractive feature.

Front Entranceway

One of the most popular uses for patterned glass is the front entranceway on either side of the central doorway. The front entrance of your home is what people often notice first, so adding some creative elements can show off your unique taste and design. Glass that is used for areas like the front door can also be toughened for heightened security, making it stronger and more durable than glass that would be used inside of your home. Entranceways are also commonly darker areas of the house since there isn’t much light that can access this space. But by installing glass panels on each side of the doorway, it can brighten the whole area up.

Furniture Doors

Do you have kitchen cabinets or maybe your old dining room armoire that could use an update with a new, modern glass panel?  This type of glass is perfect for these types of decorative purposes, helping to diffuse the objects behind without completely blocking them out. So you can still have your favourite china set on display, along with a new, modern glass design.

Interior Partitions

Whether you have a partition wall in your open concept layout, or maybe even a home office that’s tucked behind a wall, why not open up your space a little more? The patterns that you select for the glass can create a softening effect, offering the privacy you need with the additional ambient light that you want.

Here at M&T Glass, we offer high-quality glass designs for all of your home and business needs, including decorative, patterned glass. We provide a wide range of styles, textures and grades, along with customizable options so you can find the perfect design for your needs. Contact our team today to learn more about our service s and how we can assist you.



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