3 Reasons to Repair Windows Before Winter Hits

a little girl looking out a window during the winter time

Before winter sets in, it’s important to get them fixed before that colder weather arrives if your windows are a little worse for wear. Even minor repairs can push your HVAC system to work harder than it should to keep your home warm and cozy. And of course, the more heat you require, the higher your bills will grow. So if you’ve been avoiding those repairs over the summer, here are three reasons why you should always repair your windows before the winter hits.

A Cranked Thermostat and Bills

Those cracks and holes on your window frames or a failed seal may seem minuscule to you. But when it comes to heating up your home, those small issues cause your HVAC system to work overtime to maintain a cozy temperature during those freezing cold months. Even the tiniest cracks that seem harmless can be letting in an abundance of cold air. As those drafts seep into your home, and with the heat constantly cranked up to the max, you can bet your bills will be cranked up as well. Avoid those expensive bills by having any cracks or frames repaired and properly sealed up to ensure your home is warm and cozy during the upcoming winter season. It doesn’t matter if your window is an new model or decades old – we likely have the parts to get it fixed and the expert repair know-how to do it right.

The Aesthetics of Your Home

It should go without saying that having cracked, broken or dilapidated windows, just looks bad. Windows are an essential component to the aesthetics of your entire home. So if they’re looking worse for wear, they could be taking your entire curb appeal down with them. Bite the bullet and get them repaired or replaced if necessary. Since you’re going to spending a lot of time at home in the fall and winter months, you want to make sure the windows look good and do their job.

The Holidays Chaos

Between your family, neighbours, and guests from overseas visiting over the holidays, we understand just how hectic and overwhelming the winter can be between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But when those holidays and family gatherings commence with your home being the central gathering spot, the last thing you want to deal with then is a window repair. Spare yourself the hassle and don’t avoid the inevitable. If your windows need to be addressed, get it done before the chaos of the holiday season arrives, along with all of that snow.

Windows are one of the most important features of your home, because – let’s be practical – without them doing what they’re meant to do, life would be unpleasant. They’re a big investment so it’s important to maintain them and handle any repairs as soon as you notice them. Delaying window repair throughout the winter months will only leave you with a cranked up thermostat, higher bills, and a ton of regret.

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