3 Benefits of New Windows in the Spring

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Many homeowners often have window replacements written at the top of their to-do home improvement list, and it’s a project that can often linger on that list for far too long. Aside from knowing that it needs to be done, it’s also important to know when the best time is to tackle this project. Although windows can be installed all year round, spring is generally considered the best time of year for this. Plus, it’s the perfect time of year to really benefit from new windows!

Here are a few good reasons why you should tackle that home improvement project this spring.

Avoid Cold Weather

Although some homeowners choose to have their windows replaced during the winter, enduring the harsh, cold weather can obviously offer some challenges to contend with. And aside from the unpredictability of it and whether you may wake up to a snowfall outside and inside your home, the cold weather can present some other challenges to the window installation process. For example, the caulking that’s used to seal windows can be difficult to set with the cold temperature and added moisture. By installing windows in the spring, you can avoid having to deal with the cold weather and related problems.

Reduce Energy Consumption

The winter can also be a favourable time of year for window replacements due to more availability since it’s not a common time of year to have this done. However, you should also consider that once your windows have been removed, it will drastically cool down your home for an extended period of time. This can force you to have to crank up your thermostat for a long duration and in turn, face a potential costly energy bill at the end of the month. By replacing your windows during the springtime, you don’t need to worry about heat loss and forcing your HVAC system to try and compensate.

Enjoy the Abundance of Natural Light

Spring is all about welcoming that glorious sunshine and warmth back after months of hibernation. And what better way to truly embrace that sunshine and warmth than by having a new set of windows to brighten up your home and let all of that natural light inside? It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to those winter blues and welcome in the brighter days ahead.

Spring is the best time of year to get that window replacement project done and dusted. After enduring that long and dreary winter, you can fully embrace the lighter days of spring with new windows throughout your home. M&T Glass is proud to supply and install high-performance windows from Ostaco. Manufactured right here in Canada, engineered for our climate, and backed by a lifetime transferrable warranty. Welcome spring and welcome total home comfort.



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