2019 Design Trends

2019 Design Trends

New seasons bring along new ideas and inspiration to refresh the home. With the kids back at school and less on the agenda compared to the summertime, winter is an ideal time to jumpstart home remodeling projects just in time for the busy holiday season. If you’re gearing up for a Christmas full of get-togethers and want to make that first impression a great one, here are the top 2019 design trends to stay ahead of the curve and get your home looking its best.

Contrast with Neutrals

No matter how the trends twist and change, we always seem to come back to the neutral palette. And this year, it’s all about the opposing contrasts between dark and light. As a popular style that emerges time and time again, it exudes a simple, elegant, and sophisticated look. The key to making a neutral palette look great without appearing flat or boring is to play with different textures, such as metals. Think light coloured walls and furniture alongside dark, dramatic features with charcoal greys to create a chic and cozy design.

Dramatic Wallpaper

For those who like it bold, you’ll be glad to hear that wallpaper has made a comeback, and in a big way. Wallpaper designs are far more versatile than they were years ago. Instead of stale patterns, today, we’re seeing bold and large-scale prints with splashy – yet elegant – florals, tropical birds, and even solid backgrounds for a more subdued splash. These large-scale prints just seem to work against a modern design, creating an eye-catching and bold addition on a feature wall or throughout an entire room. It’s an excellent way to create a truly unique space for those who like it big and bold. Best of all, you can opt for peel and stick wallpaper to try it out without having to really commit to it, just in case you don’t like it.

Custom Shower Enclosures

The bathroom is always a focal part of the home that needs updating more often than not, especially since it’s one of the most used rooms in the home. Custom glass shower enclosures are sleek, modern, and minimalistic. They can be designed to suit your bathroom layout, maximizing floor space – ideal for homes that are limited on size. This is a big reason why it’s such a growing design trend this year. Combined with a rain showerhead or a multi-showerhead system and it’s a definite show-stopper design.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors in the past were mainly associated with gym environments. But today, we’re seeing more people incorporate them into the home as well. The average house or condo is far more limited on space these days, which is why wall mirrors are a welcomed addition. They reflect light and create the illusion of more space. If your home is limited on square footage, consider how a mirrored wall or even section of a wall can invite more light and openness into your home. These can be added to virtually any room – even the bathroom.


Less is more in today’s design world. And as we become more environmentally conscious of our actions as consumers, minimalism is sweeping the design world with purpose. Modern, clean lines, neutral colours, and an uncluttered environment are giving homeowners a fresh and new take on opting for quality over quantity, and we’re all for it!

Round Furniture

Combing retro vibes with clean modern finishes and round edge furniture is the perfect example of where these opposing styles merge seamlessly. Who knew that adding curves to a room could add so much more? Round dining tables, coffee tables, and chairs create a relaxed, unique, and elegant transformation.

Glass Tables

This year, we’re seeing much more glass being utilized throughout the home, especially when it comes to tabletops. Similar to clear acrylic furniture, glass is making a big comeback, thanks to the compact living spaces that are so common today. Glass takes away that bulkiness that other materials can exude. A big and clunky wooden table might look great in the showroom, but adding it your interior can consume it, making your space look and feel even more confined. Whether it’s the kitchen table, dining table or coffee table, glass tabletops have offered a reflective quality that provides what you need as a surface without consuming too much of the room.

For all of your glass-related needs, trust the glass experts that have been serving residents in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario for over 40 years! From customized shower enclosures to custom mirrors, tabletops, and even emergency repairs – we can offer it all! Come by our showroom in Ottawa or get in touch to learn more about how we can help transform your home space with this modern and versatile material.



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