Are your window screens filled with unsightly holes, or is your warped patio screen letting pests in? If so, it’s important to get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Why? Because your screen does a lot more than keep out those annoying bugs in the summer. It also lets you enjoy a refreshing cross breeze that can keep your home or office fresh and your utility bills nice and low. If you are doing your best to cool down your home in the summer and spending money on AC, all of the cool air could be escaping from the screen door holes!

If you have kids or pets, the screen can prevent them from darting outside or falling from a window. But what many people forget is that the screen on your windows and doors is also an important part of your home’s aesthetics – it’s often the first thing people notice. So keeping it looking its best and fully functional is important.


At M&T Glass, our trusted repair store in Ottawa can help fix or replace any broken or malfunctioning window screen fast. Whether it’s sticking on the tracks, full of holes, ripped and frayed, or bent out of shape, we have all the parts on-hand to restore it. In fact, we stock a wide selection of wheels and rollers, fasteners, gaskets, and weather stripping, doors and frames, plus all the necessary hardware. So whatever type of repair you need, we have you covered! Whether your windows are brand new or from the last century, we can fix the screens regardless.

If you want the job done right and to the highest standards, you need an industry expert on your side. At M&T Glass, we stand behind our work and our name. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that your screen repair project is done right the first time and completed to your satisfaction. So whether you need a simple repair, full replacement, or just some quality design advice, we’re here to help you with all your screen repair needs!


Is your patio door screen in desperate need of new wheels or rollers? Is it just full of holes? Whatever it is we are here to help. Whether you need to finally replace that broken screen door, want a new screen for your patio door, or just have questions about how to maintain your screens year-round, M&T Glass is your trusted screen door repair store in Ottawa. A fully-functional screen door protects you and your family from harmful pests while providing you with the airflow to keep your house fresh inside.

We carry fiberglass, aluminum, pet resistant, “no see-em” (fine mesh) screens and wind-blocking vinyl sheeting. M&T Glass can offer you pretty much everything you need to get that screen installed or fixed right the first time. With the committed support of our professional team on the job, your screen door project is bound to be a success.


Beyond repair services, we also offer expert advice when you’re trying to decide which style to choose, or if you need new parts. We stock a wide range of attractive screen door and window materials, from fibreglass to aluminum to pet-resistant to fine mesh – and even wind-blocking vinyl sheeting. If we don’t have what you need, we have a vast network of suppliers and can quickly find something that will match and fit your home perfectly.

We strive to help you keep your screen doors and windows functioning and looking their best at all times. That is why we offer an extensive selection of residential and commercial screen doors and frames, door screen repair options, gaskets and weather-strip of any kind. Latches, cranks, spindles, locks, hinges, gears, screws, stabilizer arms, snubbers, handles, clutches, drip caps, footbolts, roller cams, rails, turn buttons – whatever it is you’re looking for, we either stock it or can order it directly from our long-established supply network.

Having an industry expert like M&T Glass to work with makes your screen installation process quicker, a lot easier and more affordable. You won’t have to struggle with follow-up repairs or replacements. Our vast selection includes almost every type of screen door or window part plus replacement and repair kits to blend into the character and unique style of your home or commercial property.

Ready to get into your screen door or window project? Perfect. We are here to chat!