glass upkeep children with dog

5 Tips for Better Glass Upkeep

Whether it’s your mirrors, tabletops or windows, glass surfaces can enhance any area of your home. However, it also requires some particular maintenance every now and again to keep it clean, clear and looking its best over the years. To learn a few tips on better glass upkeep, check out these top suggestions from our […]

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sealed glass unit

When do People use Sealed Glass Units?

Sealed units are more popular than ever when it comes to window designs thanks to their efficiency at preventing drafts. But when do people use sealed glass units and does it make sense for your home? Learn more about this style of glass design below. What Is A Sealed Glass Unit? A sealed glass unit, […]

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custom shower

Get Wild with Custom Shower Units

Are you looking to transform your shower unit into something a little more luxurious? If so, now’s the time to consider getting a custom shower unit where you can spice up your bathroom and finally get the shower experience you’ve always wanted. If this is what you’re after, we’ll show you exactly how you can […]

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