a little girl looking out a window during the winter time

3 Reasons to Repair Windows Before Winter Hits

Before winter sets in, it’s important to get them fixed before that colder weather arrives if your windows are a little worse for wear. Even minor repairs can push your HVAC system to work harder than it should to keep your home warm and cozy. And of course, the more heat you require, the higher […]

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a home gym completely designed with mirrors

Complete Your Home Gym with Mirrors

You may have spent years accumulating the right equipment for your home gym. The positioning of your weight bench is perfectly spaced out next to the treadmill and exercise bike. It looks and feels like a professional set up, but you know that something is lacking. The installation of properly fitted mirrors into your home […]

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a man from a glass repair company fixing a window

5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Glass Repair Company

You spend your life searching for the best. The best job, the best cup of coffee, the best person to share your life with and the list goes on and on. How do you determine what is the best for you? Well when it comes to finding the best glass repair company, it’s good to […]

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a custom glass mirror boosting a homes value

Glass & Mirrors: Adding Value to Your Home

Whether you are gearing up to sell your home for top dollar or you are wanting to make your home more lavish and luxurious for your own enjoyment, glass and mirrors are the answer. Here are some ways that adding glass and mirrors to your Ottawa home can increase the value and create your very […]

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